Huana Holdings Group


Intelligent Manufacturing

Led by JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd., Huana Intelligent Manufacturing is a key part of Huana Group. Synchronizing the most advanced technologies, capital and application scenarios, Huana Intelligent Manufacturing leverages its global innovation resources in fields including high-tech intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new energy, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and many other emerging technologies. This powerful network allows Huana to construct the widest possible tech foundation to drive the Group’s rapid development.
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Industrial Real Estate

Huana's industrial real estate segment is led by DMI Industry Group, focusing on investment, construction, operation and management of high-tech industrial parks. With a "one park, one industry, one park, one format" operating model, the company is driving the creation of an industry chain tailored to the industry advantages of its home city.
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Medical & Wellness

A part of the Huana Group, Huana Health is an international medical brand providing an innovative three-in-one healthcare service system incorporating medical treatment, rehabilitation, and elder care. Dedicated to the vision of “Huana Industry: Creating a better life”, Huana Health understands that health is the key foundation of social development and national progress. With strong R&D, cutting-edge technology, and an innovative team, Huana Health is devoted to advancing the health of all humanity, helping to build a better world.
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Cultural Tourism

Huana’s cultural tourism segment is led by Hainan Huana Tourism Co.,Ltd. The company has developed a unique approach combining project and product, employing a range of formats and drawing on ecosystem resources to create a leading culture-centered leisure experience for consumers.
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Smart Agriculture

Huana smart agriculture segment is dedicated to "nutrition without worry,oneness with nature", aiming to create a modern, technology-focused agricultural demonstration core area. Huana provides industrialized services for organic ingredients, including scientific research, demonstration, training, consulting, scientific and technological transfer, product processing, market development,and smart agricultural management platform construction,providing customized solutions for partners and clients.
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Financial Service

Huana’s financial service segment is led by Huana Finance and Huana Assets, with a focus on investment banking, asset management and other institutional services.Aiming to provide top-tier industry chain financial products,Huana financial services are tailored to the entire growth cycle of corporate clients. We introduce leading professional talent in the industry, building integrated research teams, improving the research system, and sharing cutting-edge industry trends and market insights with customers to help create investment value.
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Industrial Research Institute

Huana Research Institute closely aligns with major national and regional development strategies and industrial practices, integrating international research resources to provide enterprises with industrial consulting, planning investment, international talent training, capital and big data applications and other services.
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