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Medical & Wellness

A part of the Huana Group, Huana Health is an international medical brand providing an innovative three-in-one healthcare service system incorporating medical treatment, rehabilitation, and elder care. Dedicated to the vision of “Huana Industry: Creating a better life”, Huana Health understands that health is the key foundation of social development and national progress. With strong R&D, cutting-edge technology, and an innovative team, Huana Health is devoted to advancing the health of all humanity, helping to build a better world.
Shandong Huana Medical Equipment Ltd.

Shandong Huana Medical Equipment manufactures medical devices and personal protective equipment. Located in the Demai Information Industry Plaza in Jinan’s Huaiyin district, the company is in the process of rapidly developing 50 high-speed, fully automated face mask production lines and  100,000 plus-level sterile workshops capable of producing single-use face masks, medical-use masks, and N95 masks. In the future, the company will transition to producing medical devices including MRI, ultrasound and color ultrasound, and X-ray installations.

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Beijing Huana Medical Equipment Ltd.

Beijing Huana Medical Equipment is located in Beijing’s Shunyi district, and is primarily engaged in producing medical protective gear, with a nearly 1,000m workshop dedicated to the professional manufacturing of medical-use face masks.