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【Industry News】Secretary of Yantai Municipal Party Committee Zhang Shuping and Relevant Responsible Comrades visited the project site of Yantai Demai Shuangchuang Industrial Park


On March 4, Zhang Shuping, Secretary of the Yantai Municipal Party Committee, Leader of the New Pneumococcal Epidemic Disposal Working Group, Zhang Songping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and Secretary General Yu Songbai, etc., visited the project site of the Demai Shuangchuang Industrial Park in Yantai to investigate the prevention and control of the epidemic, the start of work and the resumption of the enterprise. The project construction and other work were accompanied by leaders such as Liu Sen, Director of the Secretary Management Committee of Yantai High-tech Zone, Liu Laiying, Deputy Director of the Deputy Secretary of the Work Committee, and Zhu Wenbo, Deputy Director of the Management Committee.

Mr. Shi Qianping, Chairman of Demai International Industry Group, reported to Secretary Zhang Shuping and his party on project positioning, construction progress, epidemic prevention and control, and workers returning to work.

Secretary Shuping Zhang and Chairman Qianping Shi cordially exchanged information, encouraging enterprises to restore their production capacity, smooth the industrial production chain, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the premise of ensuring that the prevention and control measures are in place. He emphasized that we must adhere to both hands and make two mistakes, coordinate the advancement of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production and production of enterprises, and maintain stable and healthy economic and social development.


Secretary Shuping Zhang pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control work in our city is still in a critical period, and there must be no slackness and paralysis. Enterprises must fully understand the severity and complexity of epidemic prevention and control, carry forward the strict practical style, strengthen work coordination, and coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention. Control and project progress. The Yantai Demai Shuangchuang Industrial Park project, as a key project in Yantai in 2020, should integrate its own reality and promote scientific and reasonable and safe and effective project development while fully grasping the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.

Secretary Zhang Shuping emphasized that in the face of the double pressures and double tests of epidemic prevention and control and economic downturn, departments at all levels should strengthen their sense of responsibility and urgency, carry forward the spirit of continuous combat, make good use of overall planning and methods, and insist on grasping the reinstatement of enterprises Production and grasping the resumption of production of enterprises are to promote epidemic prevention and control, effectively and orderly organize enterprises to resume normal production and operation, strengthen economic operation and scheduling, accelerate the construction of key projects and key projects, and strive to achieve both epidemic prevention and high-quality development. 


The Yantai Demai Shuangchuang Industrial Park project was constructed and invested by Demai International Industry Group Co., Ltd., with a land use area of 140,100 square meters and a total construction area of about 300,000 square meters. According to Demai Group’s strategic plan for the local block, Manufacturing, marine biomedicine, high-end industrial research and development headquarters, overseas Chinese business headquarters, high-end medical, high-end industrial incubation platform, and other six leading sectors, gather global innovation and entrepreneurship resources, strive to build a high-tech industrial resource gathering place, and will fully rely on Relevant national policies gather high-quality industrial resources in the field of science and technology, build a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation for Chinese and overseas Chinese in Yantai, and create a high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship environment for overseas Chinese and returned students.

Demai International Industry Group is a comprehensive group focusing on investment, construction, operation and management of high-tech industrial parks. Adopting the "one park, one industry, one park, one format" operating model, through the core industry leadership, format agglomeration, innovation and capital-driven modern industrial development model, according to the industrial advantages of the city, create an industrial chain that meets the characteristics of the city The ecosphere creates a business card for the city.