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【Industry News】Innovation Driven by Pluralistic Integration JHF and Epson Joined Forces to Attend the Shanghai APPPEXPO


Shanghai APPPEXPO 2020 officially opened in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention  Center on July 21. JHF Technology Group is invited to participate again and bring new products to the exhibition. Focusing on the theme of "Diversity and Integration, Driving Innovation in the Digital Age", this exhibition aims to give full play to its advantages and platform effects of the exhibition, gather industry cutting-edge brands, the latest products and technologies, and the most comprehensive market information for practitioners, and help exhibitors to expand the market.

In the morning of the opening of the exhibition, Espon Co.,Ltd and JHF Technology Group Co.,Ltd ( referred to as "JHF Technology Group") jointly host a joint new product launch ceremony with the theme of "Full Speed and Full Force, Drawing the Future Together", announcing the formal cooperation between the two parties. And Epson (China) Co., Ltd. Professional Printing Business Director Mr.Uchida Yasuhiko, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. Inkjet Print Head Sales Technology Director Mr. Gao Yue, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. Professional Printing Business Director Mr. Liang Jian. The chairman of JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd, Mr. Shi Qianping, the general manager of Shanghai New Gray Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Yu Shiming, and the president of JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Yan Changning, attended the launch ceremony.

01 发布仪式现场领导与嘉宾合影.jpg

Group photo of leaders and guests at the launch ceremony

   At the beginning of the launch ceremony, Mr. Shi Qianping, Chairman of JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd. took the stage to give a speech. He expressed that the same development concept, complementary technologies and products have brought Epson and JHF together. Through the cooperation and efforts of two parties, we have launched products equipped with Epson's new generation printheads. JHF will work with Espon to provide more and better products and services for the inkjet industrial printing industry.

02 金恒丰科技集团有限公司董事长施乾平先生致辞.jpg

Mr. Shi Qianping, Chairman of JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd., is giving a speech

Mr. Uchida Yasuhiko, the professional printing business director of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., took the stage to give a speech. He expressed his gratitude to JHF for their efforts in this cooperation. In cooperation with Epson, JHF successfully completed such an excellent work. Epson will continue to support JHF in the future, and we look forward to contributing to the development of digital printing products in China.

03 爱普生(中国)有限公司专业打印业务总监内田康彦先生致辞.jpg

Mr.Uchida Yasuhiko, the professional printing business director of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., is giving a speech

JHF unveiled three products equipped with Epson nozzles, namely, the JHF Mars 8R Super Grand Format High-speed UV Printer with Epson S3200U-1 printhead, the JHF R3700e Super Grand Formant Industrial Printer, and theJHF F5900 Super Grand Format Flat Industrial Printer with Epson S1600U-1 printhead. JHF Technology Group and Epson have joined forces to give full play to their core technical resources, good industry reputation and customer resource advantages. It is expected that through this cooperation, we will bring more competitive and better solutions to end users in the future, and jointly promote the technological development of the industrial printing industry.


In the early stage of the cooperation negotiation, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on application solutions and enhancement of overall competitiveness, and actively explored and promoted deeper cooperation. It is hoped that on the basis of the early friendly cooperation, they can seize opportunities, deepen mutual trust, and further deepen both parties. 

At the booth of JHF Technology Group, the JHF Mars 8R super grand format high-speed UV printer attracted many people in the industry to watch and consult. The newly unveiled JHF Mars 8R super grand format high-speed UV printer has achieved a new upgrade in output speed, accuracy and stability, which can greatly increase the instantaneous production capacity and broaden the scope of business applications.

04 JHF Mars 8R超宽幅高速影像级UV打印机.jpg

JHF Mars 8R Super Grand Format High-speed UV Printer

The simultaneous appearance of the R3700e high-speed industrial printer also attracted many customers. JHF R3700e has a printing accuracy of up to 1,800dpi, a 4 times printing speed than existing models on the market, and combines the print quality of POP and high-speed output large-format billboard, which can easily meet the needs of digital printing suppliers for super large posters and super wide format various commercial output requirements such as light box light film, exhibition display pattern, signage and logo, set a new benchmark for wide-format roll-to-roll UV output.

05 JHF R3700e高速工业打印机.png

JHF R3700e Super Grand Format Industrial Printer

The F5900 super grand format flatbed industrial printer, equipped with Epson S1600-U1 printheads, is a high-precision, ultra-large-size UV printing device that can not only accurately reproduce full-color images and fine text, but also reduce ink consumption while clearly reproducing subtle levels. It can meet the production needs of different industries, realize a wide range of applications in many industries such as advertising printing, board processing, building ceramics, decorative flooring, packaging cardboard, and achieve industrial production from design customization to immediate delivery of terminal products.

06 JHF F5900超宽幅平板工业打印机.png

JHF F5900 Super Grand Format Flat Industrial Printer

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